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nefl_rpg_finder [Jun. 20th, 2005|06:23 pm]


[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |TeenTitans GO! by puffyAmi Yummi]

Hey folks!
I have good news! I have started a new COMMUNITY!!
Tired of all the lame excuses and drunks I have had to tollerate to have a simple game night. Disgusted by  friends not keeping their word to show up and play thusly ruining our game night I have created
 A place for gamers to talk, trade or get updated. A community for people to invite new gamers or join existing groups!
Everyone should join. We will be talking about video games, fantasy sci-fi, books and authors, ALL of our geeky interest!

I wanna thank the Mod's of this community for the inspiration! Their fine example and kindness has inspired me to begin on my own!
If you live in georgia or N/E Florida then this Community is for you!
If you play rpVg and wanna talk about them, trade or otherwise show off then this is the place!
If you want to talk about your Fantasy or Sci-Fi community I will FULLY support you!
If you'd like to trade books straight across, find old OOP books or locate items in other towns and areas Without involving a
third party then please Join us now!!

I thank-you in advance for your support!!